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2 Week Turkey/Cyprus Itinerary Recommendations

My friend and I are hoping to go to Turkey sometime for two weeks and are brainstorming itineraries. The places we'd love to see are as follows: Istanbul, Ephesus/Izmir, Pamukkale (Laodicea too if possible), Cappadocia and Hattusa. We would also love to tag on Cyprus while we're there, but are wondering if that would be too much to fit in. We're not sure how to arrange the itinerary, so any insight would be helpful!

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I haven't been to Cyprus, but with so much to see in Turkey, I would leave it off. Cappadocia has lots to see, and you might even use more than one home base there. A couple of connections may make sense to fly, instead of bus or train, such as between Istanbul and Izmir. You can also fly to Nevşehir for Cappadocia, but you probably wouldn't do that if planning a stop at Hattuşa.

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Istanbul to Cappadocia- max stay 3 days( boring more than 3 days)

Cappadocia to Izmir for Ephesus( Via Kayseri Airport)
1 day stay at Ephesus

Ephesus to Denizli by bus (3-4 hours bus ride). 1-2 night max stay in Pamukkale.

Denizli to Antalya by bus (3 hours bus ride)
2 nights or maybe 3 nights in Antalya to see Aspendos, Old Town, Perge)

Fly to Cyprus from Antalya, see Kyrenis etc..
I studied in Cyprus. I would stick with Turkey and see Antalya more than it. Antalya has more things to offer...