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We are going to Istanbul the beginning of October. We plan to fly in three days early before joining a cruise. Is Troy worth a day? I have seen no reference to Troy on this forum.


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No, Troy is not worth a day. It's a fairly long ride from Istanbul; and when you get there, what you see is a series of stones that once were parts of city walls. There are signs informing you which ones were Troy I, II, III, etc. Honestly, they all look pretty much the same (this from an archaeology buff). We've enjoyed visits to Delphi, Mycenae, various Etruscan sites. Troy isn't anything like them. With just 3 days, there is so much more you can see in Istanbul.

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Troy was rather clumsily excavated by Heinrich Schliemann, a businessman/hobbiest whose archeological practices have been much criticized.

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No,defo not worth the 7 hour bus ride to get there.If you were planning to tour the northern Aegean region then fine but not just for the underwhelming Troy.Use those 3 days to recover from jetlag and soak up a tiny bit of wonderful Istanbul.

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I have been to Troy and agree with the above replies. However, when I was in Istanbul this past March, there were wonderfully comprehensive "Troy" exhibits in one of the Istanbul Archaeology Museums. There is a group of three museums located in the Eminönü district of Istanbul, Turkey, near Gülhane Park and the Topkapı Palace. I would hope the collections are still there; they were wonderful.

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Thanks, everyone! I think you have all saved us a day that we can add to our time in Istanbul. And thanks, Andi, for the tip about the museum--we'll check it out.

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As a veteran of RS Village Turkey and Best of Turkey I agree with all the other posters. My best memory of Troy was Mert explaining the infiltration of the Meander River (as it snakes along) which you can see so well. Any time I hear the word meander, I think of that view from Troy. Yes, the Archeaology Museum in Istanbul is superb., right outside Gulhane Park and on the tram line. The tile museum is okay but the other two buildings are great. So much sculpture and history. The large building on the left holds many tombs, I think including Alexander the Great's tomb, but I am not sure, as the signage was poor. Yes, do not give up an Istanbul day for Troy.