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Trekking poles? RST

We are on the RST Turkey Tour in September. I am wondering if it is worth the hassle of checking our bags to bring trekking poles. Thoughts from those who have taken the tour appreciated.
Thanks, Mary Lou

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Mary Lou,
Unless you use a trekking pole for general walking, I wouldn't pack them.
I always take a single Hunger Hiker stick with me to Europe as it significantly increases the amount of walking I can do, even in the city (bad knee). I put the rubber tip on the bottom and use it as a cane going through security. One of these days, they may take it away from me, but I have already gotten my money's worth from it. After security, I collapse it and put it the compression straps of my Osprey backpack.
This is a fabulous tour, I went in 2019. Have a great trip!

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I found my poles really useful on the uneven terrain at ancient sites in Sicily. I suspect Turkey would have similar sites.

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I did the tour in September 2019. As I recall, the most uneven terrain was at the roman sites, which were mostly treeless areas of sun reflecting off white stone. I carried an umbrella for shade, and that was probably the best use of a spare hand.

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I'm on the 7 Day Tour of Istanbul right now and I brought one collapsible pole with me. I'm SO glad I did. Rick Steves is not kidding when he says 2 - 8 miles over uneven terrain, up and down hills and steps steps steps! I think I might have bailed yesterday 1/2 way through the day had I not had a pole with me. That said, I've had 3 hip replacements and most of the other tour members did just fine except for a couple of folks who were struggling a bit like me. But we all managed to do everything. Train for the tour by doing 5 ish miles a day up and down hills and steps at a good pace and you won't need pole(s) unless you have mobility issues. The pole is also one more thing to manage when you have the earpiece, receiver, backpack, water, head scarf, guidebook and a sweat shirt tied around your waist. Btw, it's a fantastic tour!

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I just got back from Aspendos, which I believe is on the RS tour, a few hours ago. If you're just seeing the theater, you don't need trekking poles. If, on the other hand, you want to see the whole site, trekking poles would be a huge help. I left my trekking pole back at the hotel, and regretted it. Admittedly, I have a knee that can occasionally go a bit wonky on me, and so I try to aggravate it. There were a number of places where I just had to do what I call a butt descent. There was a tiny trail next to the basilica that had to have been a good 45 degree slope. Also, take water. I didn't, and I gulped down 1.5 liters en route back to Antalya and another 0.5 liters as soon as I got to the hotel.

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I did the Best of Turkey in March/April this year and none of us sixteen (mostly seniors) used or needed a trekking pole. There was no steep or slippery-rocks or boulders type of mountain hiking. There was a lot of walking yes, but mainly on paved roads - sometimes with slight inclines. We went to several ruins with unpaved, dirt portions but the inclines weren't super steep. I didn't feel the need for a pole for support or balance at all. I would say it would only be necessary for someone with knee/other leg issues who find it difficult to walk for long distances in normal life.