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Travelling in Turkey during Ramadan

How does Ramadan affect travel in Turkey? Are a lot of businesses closed during daytime? Other considerations? Thanks

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If you're in a tourist hotspot like Istanbul then businesses will be open to serve you. Ramadan affects the faithful local Muslims; tourists of different faiths are not expected to be affected or to confirm to the fasting. I was in Bosnia during Ramadan one year and it was a very interesting experience to see so many people gather after dusk - other than that, I would not have known something was going on since I went about "as usual" as a tourist.

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You probably won't notice any difference if you're in Istanbul or other cities, except that cafes and restaurants may be empty of locals during the day. At least here in Israel in Muslim areas, business (especially tourist business) goes on as usual. In fact, many (most?) locals in cities are are secular and may not be fasting. OTOH, the 3-day festival at the end of Ramadan is huge.

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Just be respectful of others and avoid eating in front of those who are fasting.