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Traveling throughout Turkey via bus or train

Am planning a trip to Turkey this Spring 2014. Land in Istanbul by air, then travel to Ankara, Cappadocia, Konya, toward Ephesus then back to Istanbul. Is there still a night train and/or bus throughout? Will the new March 2014 Istanbul book provide details on how to do this? Thank you!
Mark Simo

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The Man in Seat Sixty-One ( and Turkey Travel Planner ( are websites that will give you the information that you need.

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We used buses to travel between Selcuk (Ephesus) and Antalya. Then an overnight bus between Antalya and Goreme in Cappadocia. In both cases, the hotel staff helped us make our reservations and even delivered us to the bus station. Both bus trips were great! They stop every two hours or so for rest stops, serve tea and snacks, and in some cases, have excellent WiFi.

We flew Atlas Air between Istanbul and Selcuk to visit Ephesus then took the bus from there to Antalya. From Cappadocia, we flew back to Istanbul from Nevsehir Airport.

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train is very limited, use long distance bus for most or all of your travels. if you have budget you should also consider flight to Ankara. I used a company called pamukkale it's pretty good. their buses are the big red ones you'll see them a lot. you don't need too much planning, just buy your bus ticket at the window when you arrive you should be ok. if one company doesn't have the date/time you want, the next company should. they're very comparable.

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We took an overnight bus from Cappadocia and flew back which worked out nicely. We booked all of our in-country travel through an agency. They were very flexible and offered several combination of transportation options so that may be your best bet.