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travel to turkey in late august/early september

I have vacation at the end of August/early September, and would love to travel to Turkey. I understand that at that time of year, it will be both hot and crowded, but am wondering HOW hot and crowded -- a minor annoyance, or to be avoided at all costs? My alternate travel idea for the same time period is London/Wales.
Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Hello Joy,
I can't say how crowded it would be but if you really want to go to Turkey then I say go for it. Most of your siteseeing would be indoors anyway (I am assuming Istanbul as you did not say what part of Turkey) so though it would be hot you can be cool indoors.
Also Istanbul is on the water so I would think the weather would be tolerable in September.
I was there at the end of November one year and though it was very cold we still had a great time.
Of course hot weather is a little more taxing.
You can do a little more research (via google) and see what the general opinion is.

Here is the information from the Turkey Travel Planner.

Summer (mid-June, July, August, through mid-September) is quite hot in five of Turkey's seven distinct climatic regions, though usually rainless, and cool inland in the evenings. Seaside resorts are crowded and prices are at their peak, but the cities are less so—Istanbul is a bargain, with smaller crowds and shorter lines for admission to sights.
Cappadocia is cheaper and more comfortable as well.

I hope this helps.

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Between middle of September and middle of November is good if you want to visit Istanbul.