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Travel to Troy, Pergamon via Air...

It looks like you can get to Troy from Balkesir airport and then continue onto Pergamon.

Could someone tell me what the best way to do this would be? The airlines are offering flights as follows:

Airline No. 1 - depart Istanbul 8 am, land at 9:10 am
Airline No. 2 - depart Istanbul at 6 pm, land at 7:05 pm

Fly into Balkesir for 9:30 am - drive to Troy, arrive for 12, leave by 3 pm - drive to overnight stay - maybe Assos or Ayvalik
Next morning to Pergamon, then drive to next overnight stay near Ephesus area, Selcuk, Sirince, or Alacati

Fly into Balker 6:00 pm - drive straight to accommodations in Assos or Ayvalik to overnight
In morning - travel to Troy to sightsee, then back down towards Pergamon for visit, and onward to next overnight stop, e.g. Sleek

Which option works best?

Many thanks!

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As an update, the Balkiser airport is reportedly 1:47 away from Troy (there is another Balkiser airport location more inland but I've been told by the airlines that this is a military not a passenger airport.

Also I still have the option to take a slightly shortly flight, without the long drive: departs Istanbul around midnight, arrives Canakkale at 1 am - pick up car - transfer to hotel - this direct flight brings you only ½ hour from Troy. How does this option compare to the first option above? If it were you, would you travel by day through Balkesir and ensure the 2 hour drive to Troy and then back again? Or would you take the late night flight and land yourself closer to Troy in Canakkale?


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Just a quick note here - the Balkesir option saves a day (early flight) or ½ day as compared to the Canikkale flight at midnight. Not sure if this makes up for the trouble of driving up to Troy 1:45 and then back the same amount before going to Pammukale.

Any replies would be super - which flight would you opt for and why?

Many thanks!