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Travel inoculations required

We plan to travel to Istanbul in April and would like to know what inoculations are required. Seems that there are many opinions on the internet.

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there are many opinions on the internet

Yes there are - I have noticed that, too. And many of those opinions are complete nonsense. Sometimes nonsense from well-meaning folks, but still complete nonsense.

Taking medical advice from strangers online is not a good idea. Consult a real authority on the question, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ("CDC") or talk to a real medical professional in your area. The CDC website is always a good starting point for such info.

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Hi robin,

Never been to Turkey, but did a search on WHO/World Health Organization -

Yellow fever (2018)
Country requirement at entry: no
WHO vaccination recommendation: no
Malaria (2018)
Local malaria transmission has been interrupted; no locally acquired cases have been reported since 2010.
There is no malaria risk in the country.
WHO recommended prevention in risk areas: none

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I do not remember needing any extra inoculations for Turkey. Check with your MD or the Travel Medicine dept at your local medical center. Also check online with US State Dept.

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Robin, reliable up to date resources like your healthcare provider, State Department of Health, CDC would be able to answer your questions. You will want to be up to date on routine vaccines as well.

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Innoculations are not required for Istanbul. Or Turkey as a whole.

Istanbul is a modern (yet ancient) city that is certainly as safe as anywhere in Europe.

Generally Innoculations are only required if you are traveling to places where certain diseases are ENDEMIC or there has been a strong outbreak recently. More often innoculations are required not based on where you are GOING TO but Where you are COMNG FROM. In other words if you are coming from a place where Yellow Fever is endemic you might be required to have a shot to land in a another country.

I travel all over the world and never get shots anymore except for the appropriate Hepatitis and then only if I am going to a really questionable area like the Congo.

But of course this is a totally personal decision. But if you follow ANY advice I would make it only one or two sources Either the WHO the World Health Organization or the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Having said that I find the CDC a little too conservative and I do disagree with some things they recommend (and I do so from long experience living overseas in areas their information covers)

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Follow the CDC guidelines but do make sure your Hepatitis A and B and tetanus vaccinations are up to date.

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When we went to Istanbul and Ephesus in 2012, it never entered my mind that we might need any additional vaccines. To me, Turkey is a more exotic version of Europe. However, I had gotten both hepatitis vaccines for a trip to Guatemala earlier that year and I agree with Alan that everyone should get these, even if you never leave the U.S. My daughter is 22 and the hepatitis vaccines were part of her routine childhood immunizations.

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I didn't need any in June or on my previous visit which included the RS Turkey tour. Just don't drink the tap water.

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As others have said, make sure your regular vaccinations are up to date (tetanus, etc.). And get Hepatitis vaccines too. Hepatitis vaccines are part of regular vaccinations for kids and young adults now.

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And start getting those hepatitis vaccines now. There are a series. Hep A in particular has become more widespread, even in the US. My wife (unvaccinated unfortunately) picked it up in San Diego where they were having an epidemic. Terribly ill for months.