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travel in turkey outside of istanbul

Other than the comment by the local person about not traveling to the southeast of turkey it sounds as though it is considered safe to travel in the northwest, wondering about the middle of the country, cappadocia area. any concerns about travel in that part of the country?

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I think you'll be fine traveling just about anywhere in Turkey. I'd avoid the far southeast that you mention due to historic problems between the PKK and Turkish government. Given the situation in Syria right now, I'd personally also avoid the area south and east of Antakya and south of Gaziantep. Cappadocia is much farther north and should be perfectly safe. If you have concerns, the state department posts travel advisories here They don't have anything currently listed for Turkey.

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We have not experienced any problems with our tours in western Turkey, including Cappadocia. They follow a route that's pretty heavily touristed. I read the State Department's info as mainly emphasizing caution and being aware of your surroundings.

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Traveled to Cappadoccia in June - no problems whatsoever. This is a sparsely populated area and many tourists from around the world visit. You will not even think about the problems in other border countries while visiting this region. Local populace is quite accepting of the tourist industry.

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Appreciate the input. I am going on the RS 13 day tour and while usually i havent thought much about turmoil abroad when I travel I wanted to reassure myself this time.

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My husband and I got back from Turkey last week and we went to Cappadocia. We traveled on our own and it was very safe. I never once felt unsafe. Make sure you splurge and do the balloon ride. The best thing I have done!

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Carol, the RS tour is great and I'm sure they would adjust the route/itinerary in the extremely unlikely event that any conditions warrant it.

I hope you are staying in Istanbul for a few days before and/or after the tour to see more. It's easy on your own and there's a lot to see. The balloon ride in Cappadoccia is a highlight for most!