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Travel from Turkey to Greece

Booked 2 RS tours back-to-back with 2 days in between. Now I have to figure out the best & most expedient way to get from our departure point (Kusadai, Turkey) to our arrival point (Athens, Greece). Really wanted to take the ferry but the information is daunting and appears to have several changes / maybe different ports / obscene arrival times (2 women alone at 2 AM negotiating transportation to a hotel) / etc....Airlines arriving 1-2 AM.....
Any info on best way to get from A to B expediently? at a decent hour?
I am beginning to regret my tour decision. Should have looked at travel first but it has not been a problem before.

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Check the Rome2rio web site, it usually gives you several options on how to get from one place to another.

Looks like the easiest would be:

1) Shuttle to Izmir Turkey (1.5 hours) then fly to Athens

2) Ferry to Samos Island (45min) then fly to Athens

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Getting through to RS tour office is a bit of a hassle and takes time. I was hoping there would be a very savvy traveler with info. The ferry company has said there is no direct ferry. I don't mind changing once if it is not a hassle getting from one port to another or having to wait days for transport. Ideal would be a night cruise with a bed and arrival in the morning. Not much luck within those parameters.
Are you looking at the same trip (June - July)?

I would fly instead of a ferry. Greek ferries are not reliable for a variety of reasons and you don't want to be late due to a cancelled ferry.

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It looks like taking the 45-minute ferry from Kusadasi to Samos and then taking a 1-hr flight directly to Athens will be best. There are flights throughout the day. The ferry schedules show boats running overnight or in the pre-dawn hours and I don’t think that’s what you ( or anyone) would want. And it takes at least 9 hours to ferry from Samos to Piraeus.
Probably just a glitch, but neither
or is currently showing boats from Kusadasi to Samos.

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We also found this to be more difficult than expected. In the end the easiest option seemed to be getting to Izmir airport by the tour bus after the final breakfast. We then booked an afternoon flight with Turkish Airlines to Athens. We get to Athens about 20.30. The flight goes via Istanbul with a short layover there but this still seemed to be the easiest way. Hope this helps.