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This is probably a lame question but how can you search to see if a topic already exists? Control F works for one page - it is possible to do multiple pages at once? Thank you.

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You can use the search on this website. First, though, you have to find it. On a desktop/laptop, look on the upper left for the Rick Steves Europe logo; just next to that in very light type is a magnifying glass and the word "Search." You can filter to look just in the forums. On a phone (and I think it's the same on a tablet, but don't know for sure), look on the top left for three horizontal bars; click on these, and Search is the first option (again, in light type, above the words "About Rick").

I prefer to search using Google. I put in the terms I want (say, "Paris museum pass" without the quotes); an avalanche of results shows up, which I completely ignore. On the upper right, click the gear symbol, and choose "Advanced search." Then, scroll down to "site or domain:" and use "" to just search the forums, or "" to search the whole website (again, don't use the quotation marks).