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Tipping for a guide and driver in Cappadocia

Hi, my wife and I have signed up for a 3-day private tour of Cappadocia. This package includes a hotel stay and a private tour with itinerary. Would appreciate advise as regards tipping if we so wish. Some tips would be much appreciated.

thank you

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Hi there. We spent 6 days in Cappadocia last summer and we had all out tours booked with the hotel before we got there. Every tour is different and has different guides. We enjoyed our balloon-ride the most and we tipped our female pilot Fatma $10.00. We were the only ones out of 25 that put tips in their tip jar.

The Green tour was also amazing! We spent the whole day with our guide (forgot the name) he was very knowledgeable and a popular tour guide. We ended up tipping him $10.00 The Red tour was the one we didn't enjoy as much. Our guide was young and seemed like it was his first day on the job. He was not familiar and didn't have the knowledge or guiding skills. We didn't tip, because he didn't even try. The Turkish Night was AMAZING! We went to this cave-restaurant and you have your seats reserved (with the name of the hotel). You have food and drinks for free all night and dance show throughout the whole time. It was hard to tip anyone, coz the waiters were so many different ones, and were hardly attentive, because you have your drinks on the table, all appetizers and snacks, and then they just come to ask you for the main meal. So, at the end, it is up to you to tell whether someone did a great job and deserves appreciation or not.

We loved Cappadocia. We carry beautiful memories from the days and nights spent there. It was our honeymoon trip.