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Staying in Turkey a month .. Need advise

I’m solo female traveling to Turkey end of July. I have my round trip from Us to Istanbul for a month . I’d like to see Antalya also for few days and perhaps Prague for few days during this time. I reserved hotel only for first 2 nights , so I can check and see what area I like to reserve for longer. As I’m getting closer to travel I am seeing the prices of hotels getting higher, I’m also looking at Airbnb which is more affordable, but also I’m not sure if I’ll like the place and area before seeing it. So I’m wondering if I just wait till I get to Istanbul to find an Airbnb or will my options there will be more limited then? Or should I just pick an Airbnb and deal with however it is 😆

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I would secure your lodging in Istanbul before arriving. Doesn’t AirBnB give you 24 hrs to cancel once there if you do not like the property?
Will you travel along the Turkish coast to Antalya? Or fly? If traveling the coast, stay in Fethiye a few days.

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Thanks Suki & Ashley!
Suki I will look into Fetihe as well 😊
Airbnb each host has different refund timing.
Ashley thanks for the detailed message, I canceled my Airbnb right away. I’m just going to look for hotels to stay at. 😊

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I had a friend like the Hush Hostel in Kadikoy so much he ended up staying a month and he highly recommended it to me. I am booked in September and looking forward to it - it's on the Asian side, less touristy and closer to the other main airport in Istanbul. The single room was only 16euro!