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Spending money in Oludeniz

Hi all,

Travelling to Oludeniz for 11 nights with my girlfriend. I was just wondering what is a good amount of spending money to take?

Board is B&B, holiday will be a mixture of a few nights out, eating out at least once a day for evening meal. Will probably have a few alcoholic drinks most days (around 3-4). 2 days could possibly not be included as may pay for day pass at other hotels.

We will be buying souvenirs, only travel will be to the markets in fethiye.

Currently have £800 for both of us. Ive had a look at current prices but would be nice to get some feedback from people who have recently been if possible.

Thank you in advance.

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Currently have £800 for both of us

What expenses does that have to cover?

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As in Europe, we recommend getting cash from ATMs in Turkey, not trying to buy Turkish Lira in the UK and not bringing any significant amount of cash sterling to exchange in person. (A little cash is OK as a back-up plan, in case the first ATMs you meet don't work for you.) See also

Merchants may prefer to quote prices in pounds, dollars, or euros since the Turkish Lira has been losing value, but that's more in their favor than yours. They will still covert charges into Lira using whatever exchange rate they decide to apply (and usually have posted).

When paying with a credit card, you also usually get a better exchange rate by letting the card processor (not the merchant) apply the exchange rate. Avoid dynamic currency conversion - see more at

Since the value of the Lira may be changing, and may include more digits than you're used to, get up-to-date cheat sheets at Currently, £100 buys about 654 lira and spending 100 lira means you're spending about £16.