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Southeast Turkey


I will be leaving Pamukkule end of June with 9 days ahead of me. I'm thinking of exploring the SE region of Turkey. I'm looking at possibly Sanliurfa, Harran, Mardin, Nemrut, Hasankef. I'm wondering about safety for a female traveling solo. There has just been major unrest with a militant group in Iraq/Syria and I'm concerned about this situation and security at the border. Also, what would be a nice itinerary? I am interested in natural beauty, photography, local people, interesting sites.

Thank you!

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I know you want to know more about southeast but I suggest you to go to northern side of Turkey for the moment. There is no safety problems in there and besides as a solo-female traveller, you will be more comfortable.

What can you do in the north? There are really great natural beauties to take pictures, many historical places to know more about Turkish and Greek Orthodox culture, the real tea to drink, and the most funniest & hospitable Turks, and don't forget to have fish meals. I can name them if you want. You can also do rafting.

A general look to northern side of Turkey

1) You can go to Trabzon where is full of history and natural beauty:

-Hagia Sophia:,_Trabzon

2) Safranbolu:

3) You can also visit Rize: pictures of Rize

4) Artvin: pictures of Artvin

5) Amasra: pictures of Amasra

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to ask.

Have a joyful trip!

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I'm sure your experience has been good so far, and will continue to be in most of Turkey. However, I have not visited the regions you list. I would listen to the advice of Alp, above, and perhaps other local contacts you're made. I don't know what you've already seen (Istanbul, Ephesus, Aphrodisias, Ankara, Cappadocia, Konya, the Salt Lake, the coast?) but Turkey has lots to reward your visit.

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I am leaving for Turkey today! We are going with a cultural group and will have Turkish guides but we are not going to the SE for the reasons Alp mentioned. FYI, there are some health recommendations on the CDC website for that region as well. Including taking malaria meds in advance and a polio booster shot. I even saw Richard Engel only got as close as Istanbul to report on the Iraq/Syria situation.