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Skirts in Turkey

I understand that at least one mosque in Turkey on the Best of Turkey Tour will require a head scarf for women. Will there also be places that require skirts longer than knee length? I visited a monastery in Greece once that would not allow women entrance in pants. We had to wear skirts and they had to be longer than knee length. Is there anywhere we will be visiting like that in Turkey?

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No, you won't ever have to wear a skirt. Pants are the common attire. You'll be sitting on the floor in the mosques, and probably also for a meal or two.

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I always wear a wide brimmed hat while I travel to avoid the sun. Will that be OK? Or do I need to take it off and put on a scarf?

When I wear a hat, you can see my hair as it is long. Is that what needs to be covered so a hat is not enough because the hat shows?

Also, I have an 11 yr old daughter. At what age do girls need to cover their head?


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At the Blue Mosque, there was a scarf stand near the entrance when you go in. If your knees aren't covered or your shoulders are exposed, or if you're not wearing a scarf, they will lend you some to wear into the mosque. I'm not sure if a hat will work, but I'm sure they'll tell you if they prefer you wear a scarf.

As for your daughter, if I understand correctly, girls don't have to wear head scarves until puberty, but I admit that I am not 100% sure about that, so you may want to do a bit more research. Again, if they want her to wear a scarf, they'll tell you at the entrance.