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Sites between Edirne and Istanbul? Can anyone help?

We are planning to go from Edirne to Istanbul (after visiting Bulgaria). Are there places we should try to see? We could rent a car or take public transportstion- whatever would be best. We'll have about a week. (FYI We have seen most of the main sites east of Istanbul.)

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If you take public transportation, you will not see much. There are direct buses between Edirne hourly and Istanbul and it takes about 2 hours.
I will give you some places and you can google to see if they are on your route on maps. There are between Istanbul and Edirne but for some ,you need to take different routes...
If you rent a car, then its different story...
Uzunkopru is an historical town to be visited but its not directly on your route.
There is a town called Vize in Kirklareli province, and it has an antique Roman theatre.Its a nice spot to be seen.
You may like 'Dupnisa Magarasi' in Kirklarali Province. Its between Edirne and Istanbul too.
You may like Pinarhisar :
If you like wine, you can go to Sarkoy:

But honestly, I would not waste my time between Istanbul and Edirne. I would cross other side of Marmara Sea and visit Ayvalik, Bergama, Mudanya, Iznik and Bursa.
They are 'must' places to see!

Iznik:( Its really very important place to see. Its tiles world famous, and it has a lot of history)

Bursa: (First two links belongs to 'KOZAHAN' or Silk Bazaar in english in Bursa. Even Queen Elizabeth came from UK to buy silk from there and you can see it in photos)

If you do not rent a car, still you can take this route from Edirne... but more time consuming ...
After you finish this tour, you can take car ferry from Yalova and cross to Istanbul.

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Thank you so much for the suggestions. I will look at each. It's nice to have recommendations from one who knows!