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Shoes and Blue Mosque

When visiting the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, you need to put your shoes in a plastic bag. Do you then carry that bag with you while visiting, or do you leave/check your shoes with someone at the mosque and retrieve them after your visit?
From my research, sounds like you carry them with you in the plastic bag, but just want to be sure. Thanks.

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All will be revealed when you enter the mosque!

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It depends on your choice actually. There are shoes cabinets are inside of the mosques. However, Blue Mosque is touristic and crowded than other mosques. You can take your shoes with you in a plastic bag, it is better i think.

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When I was there, several years ago, they handed out plastic bags to all visitors and there was a bin to drop the bags on exiting. I visiting a lot of mosques and ended up just carrying my own plastic bag with me. Yes, you carry the shoes with you. Even if there is a place to store your shoes and you exit the same place you enter, imagine the extra time you'll need with other people getting theirs at the same time at all, at the big mosques.

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They do hand out plastic bags to put your shoes in. That way you can carry them around with you. There are also cubbies to put your shoes in if you don’t want to carry them around.

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We were just there. Used the plastic bags, but put shoes in my backpack. We only had water bottles with us so there was room for a pair of shoes and a pair of sandals. You can put them in the cubbies which on inside the mosque itself. Many people were just holding their plastic bags.

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Northwest adventurer - Was the Blue Mosque worth visiting with it under renovation?

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leonard, If you have some extra time, I would reccomend a visit to the Blue Mosque. When I was there in September, most of it was partitioned off, but you can still see a small area of the tile work. It doesn't take very long. I do recommend looking up the prayer times on their website so you can time your visit. Don't be shy about telling all of the touts that "aren't guides" that you aren't interested in any assistance.

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I just put my shoes in the bag that was offered and walked around with it. I recommend you doing the same because you don't have to waste time going back to the cubby area ( they can get pretty crowded ... especially if you go at a busy time).

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I would visit Suleymaniye Mosque too. Suleymaniye Mosque is better than Blue Mosque in many aspects. Blue Mosque is simply overrated.