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SEEKING hotel + ferry info Spring 2018 to Turkey from Rhodes to join a 2 day tour to Ephesus

HI just saw a reasonable 2 day tour by ARBEK tour company for a visit to Ephesus etc and an overnight stay in Pamukkale. For a single person it was listed as $110.00 for the tour and some meals and one night in 3 *** hotel I usually don't take tours but since its my 1st visit to Turkey I thought this made sense. MY questions:
1. ease of USA citizen getting visa ? do ahead on line? do upon arrival? cost is around $30 I think
2.Is it possible to go by ferry in May or June from Rhodes Greece to BODRUM to join the tour
3. Suggestions for BODRUM budget lodging ( under $30 for a single) / safe + clean for senior solo traveler to stay 1 night prior to tour and 1 night after

Thanks for any and all information. Carol from the USA

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I can only speak to the visa. Get it online. You will enjoy Turkey. We loved our RS tour of Turkey.

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Thanks, Diane, for the quick reply. I now have an on line link for a visa. I also found out it is easier to go from KOS to Turkey than from Rhodes as I first thought. When you travel on your own in Greece /Turkey, everything depends on ferry schedules I have discovered. Someday I will take a RS tour/ glad to hear yours was enjoyable.

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This is not a part of the world where you can always count on the seas and ferries to accommodate tight schedules. A few years ago, when traveling from Turkey to Greece, we learned that the ferry between Rhodes and Marmaris is the more reliable of the two. We were told that the Kos>Bodrum ferry is more affected by weather. Since we had a plane to catch, we opted for Marmaris>Rhodes.

Will you be in Greece for some time before this trip? If so, you could call the ferry operator a few days ahead and find out if the Kos-Bodrum ferry will run on the day you need it.

To be even more certain, you might plan your journey to arrive in Bodrum the day before your tour leaves, giving you an extra night in Bodrum and some insurance you won't miss the tour.

If, when you arrive in Kos to take that ferry, you learn that it is not running because of a last-minute cancellation, you might have time to ferry to Rhodes and take the ferry to Marmaris and find a bus to Bodrum.

Or you could skip all this, just go to Samos instead of Kos, and take a day trip to Ephesus. There will be at least one tour daily but if Ephesus is your goal (and I think it's a worthwhile one), I'd spend a couple of days on Samos just in case. We did this and it was great; the ferry trip, guided tour and visa were included in one price. I have not been to Pamukkale but have read mixed reviews on it.

OR ... you could take the ferry from Rhodes to Marmaris a few days early. Take the bus (1 1/2 hours) to Dalyan for 2 nights (take a riverboat trip, see the Lycean tombs carved into the cliffs, have a mud bath, see the sea turtle beach and hospital), then make your way to Bodrum (3 1/2 hours) and the tour.

Lots of options. Lots of amazing things to see.

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In case you weren't aware, I just read this on the Greece section of this forum.

You have to keep tabs on the tourist VISA situation in Turkey (I
assume you're a US citizen?). As of about a week ago, Turkey and the
US stopped granting tourist VISAs to one another.

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Right now, you cannot get a tourist Visa to Turkey if you're a US citizen.

From the State Department website:

"On October 8, 2017, the Government of Turkey announced the immediate suspension of most visa services to U.S. citizens, including a suspension of the issuance of physical “sticker” visas at the Turkish Embassy and Consulates in the United States and the suspension of issuance of the online Turkish electronic visa (e-visa) to all U.S. citizens."

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Thanks to all of you with the update on ferry travel and visa problem for a USA citizen. Sadly, I have to change my plan. Ephesus had been one of the main reasons for this "side trip" Maybe another time? who knows...