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Ramadan in Cappadocia 2023

I will be traveling with my family over the initial few days of Ramadan, particularly in Cappadocia. We are not muslim and are hoping to respectfully observe and possibly participate in some of the festivities such as the evening iftar with our children to introduce them to this unique way to experience a major religion during an important religious festival. While I found a lot of information on Ramadan celebrations in Istanbul, I have not found any information on how this is observed outside of the city. I am looking for what to expect in more rural areas and any insight as to whether our presence/participation will be welcome or perceived as disrespectful. Some descriptions I've read included more of a street fair type of atmosphere which would be a great way to experience local culture, but again looking for anyone with knowledge of how Ramadan is celebrated outside the big city and whether tourists are more of an intrusion than a welcome addition. Thanks!

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Dear Jalueth ; First of all , hope that somebody will not delete my reply to you and you will able to read my personal experiences..

Ramadan is one of the most religious and cultural affair in Turkiye.. Although the percantage of people who fast in big cities is low , especially at Cappadocia is more local place you really feel this atmosphere.. I suggest you to contact with really local people who is not in business travel then ask them kindly if it is possible to join for iftar.. Just half an hour ago be ready there after you get your pide,a special bread that is especially prepared at Ramadan,(by the way,go to bakery early to escape from long queues:) as a gift. And you can even get some deserts , tulumba desert or baklava,of course, (please google)is very traditional in Ramadan.

You will start to eat with call to pray then have your tea right after breaking of Fast.

By the way... I think , you may bring them some gift but I do not suggest you to leave any tip !!! If you are really at Turkish family and Turkish home. That would be rude, I believe...

Hope that you will have real experience of Ramadan in Turkiye.