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My husband and I were looking into traveling to Turkey the first two weeks of July. After doing a little research it seems that we would be there at the end of Ramadan. The Lonely Planet book advises not to eat or drink in public to sympathize with fasting Muslims.

Will this greatly impact our trip? We love dining and experiencing new foods - I can't imagine doing this without eating in public. We really don't want to offend anyone, should we hold off until we can vacation at a different date?

Many Thanks!

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I was on a Nile cruise during Ramadan one year and I did feel for the ship's crew as we all ate and drank and they kept their fast. One late afternoon, returning from a shore excursion and walking towards our ship, we saw a man sitting on a low wall and opening his food containers, preparing to break his fast. We called out "Happy Ramadan" and he beckoned to us and offered us each a date, not only offered but insisted that we accept his generosity.

I don't think, no matter what the Lonely Planet says, that you can avoid eating or drinking in public unless you take all your meals in your hotel room. You will find that restaurants will be open and ready to serve you, Ramadan or not.