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Purchasing a custom made fire arm in Turkey

Does any one have an information on purchasing a custom made fire arm in Turkey?
Thank you in advance.

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To start with, you can't drag them home yourself. ATF requires that they come in through a registered dealer.

Winchester manufactures in Turkey now, at least some of their stuff, but it's all imported in bulk under the brand.

In the not to recent past, Turkish firearms were inexpensive, but they didn't alway work too well.

What are you thinking about?

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I have a bit of a non-answer for you. As noted above, you'll need to find a dealer to import it for you. Many years ago several co-workers and I investigated purchasing some really nicely decorated Huglu shotguns, but gave up before we had worked out all of the details. One option might be to see if the manufacturer you want to buy from already sells to a dealer in the U.S. At least in that case the paperwork path has already been established. You might also look into posting to a firearms forum rather than a travel forum.

Good luck!