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Proof of Vaccination

My wife and I (US citizens) will be in Istanbul from April 26 through 28 (before going to Budapest). From what I can tell, as long as we can provide proof of vaccination (I have one jab of J&J and a Moderna booster; she has two jabs of Moderna and a Moderna booster), we do not need to provide negative COVID tests. How do we prove vaccination? Will our US CDC card suffice?


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CDC cards work. what airline are you flying? the airline may ask for card copy upload. your state can also give a QR code document - you need to ask them - search for your state - Vax qr code. it is accepted into phone and airline softwares (but north american qr codes don't work in EU)

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Thanks for the quick reply! Turkish air. We have CDC cards & state-QR codes, so sounds like we're in good shape. Thanks again.

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I travelled for the Best of Turkey tour (March 28 to April 9) and learned that it is the responsibility of the airlines to get the proof before we fly. We had to upload pdf copies of the vax proof on the airline site before flying and no one asked me for further (physical) proof of the vax certificate or CDC card when I checked in at the airport. No covid tests necessary either, for entrance into Turkey. However, when returning to USA the tests were required and again, we were informed via an email from the airline several days before scheduled flight home. Very convenient process not to have to think about what we need!

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Eileen L, that's great confirmation that you were able to board with just your CDC card as proof of vaccination, and no test. Which airline did you use? I'm flying United, whose website says the same as what you've described.