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Private Mosque Tour Istanbul

We are doing a "self guided" walking tour ourselves of the "popular" sights on our first day in Istanbul.
But what i am most interested in, is a private mosque and islamic cultural tour (of sorts). I would so very much love, as both an architect, an art historian, a person of faith, and mostly as a person of the world, to get a glimpse into some of the other mosques that are in istanbul, and into the culture that is Islam. As a western american, i cannot think of a more important quest in this day and age, but to understand each other better.

Anyone with any suggestions for a local guide or tour company??

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You are absolutely right.So many of todays problems are caused by ignorance and fear,so this is a great opportunity to start breaking down some barriers.Even if you don't personally agree with all you learn,knowing where the 'other side' is coming from is important.
At the side of Sultanahmet Mosque(Blue Mosque)is the Islamic Information Visitors centre.You can join informal talks and discussions and enjoy free tea and coffee whilst asking all you wish and getting knowledgeable answers.Some details here-
With this information you would be able to visit any mosque better informed.