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Pre trip hotel Turkey

We are trying to book the same hotel that the 13 Turkey trip has booked and they are asking for a copy of our credit card front and back and a copy of my Driver's License to be sent by email. Is this standard practice? Should I be concerned?

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Express your concerns to the RS travel staff.

I vaguely remember having to do that for my 2011 Istanbul tour. Provide a copy of the credit card, and driver’s license.

And a hint of maybe finding a surprise in the Grand Bazaar as I have no clue if it still exist. As i meandered solo in the Bazaar saw a stairway and a small wooden sign saying Restaurant with an arrow pointing up. Took a chance and climbed the stairs.

On the roof were 3 picnic tables. Had the BEST lentil soup with fresh warm bread. Had a beer as well. No other customers but me.

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I had this same concern. Extremely hesitant and nervous doing as was asked. Spoke with my travel agent, she said NO. Do not do that. She made the reservation for me. No problem. Yes, she charged a modest fee. Worth the caution.