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Pick up at Istanbul AP set up by Acra Hotel prior to R S tour? Anyone have info on how this works?

I have a pick up code and directions to after gate 9 and just say my name. Has anyone any further info? Do I exit gate 9 and where do I use the code etc?

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Clarity please!

Are you asking how to find your taxi/car service driver after arrival at Istanbul’s airport?

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I can tell you how ours worked. We were told to meet our driver at the 13th exit and look for the sign that they sent a photo of.

What that meant...

After you exit immigration, get your bag and pass through the customs hall, you'll be in the arrivals hall. Along the front side of the arrivals area, the exit doors are numbered in sequence above the door. The numbers are up high and large, you'll easily see them.

Near our numbered door (we had to step outside the door to find him) a greeter (not our eventual driver) had a handheld sign with our "code." Ours was "MSF 38". We had a photo of what it would look like. You'll see greeters and drivers holding signs with other names and with codes for other people.

When we found the person holding the sign with our code, he checked our names and took us to our vehicle and our actual driver.

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Thank you. Yes, I was wondering where I would find the code after I passed through the gate.

Thank you so much.

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I found this article with a good photo showing the numbered doorway as it appears from inside the arrivals hall:

And a couple of examples of greeters meeting their guests:

One other's unlikely that you need to be in a hurry. Our greeter was processing a lot of inbound passengers and just put us into the next available car after we found him.

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I found this perfect video of "Arrival at Istanbul Airport, Walk from the Plane to Exit":

Skip ahead in the video to find:

17:00 Exit with your baggage from customs hall into the arrivals hall
17:07 An exit door, straight ahead (but not door 9)
18:10 Walking towards the "Çıkış" (Exit)
19:00 Turning the corner at Exit #9

You should find your "greeter" holding a sign with your "code" either just inside or just outside that exit door.