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Paying for tour

I'm booking a tour while my cruise is in Kusadasi with Melitour (recommended in Med Cruise Ports book). They give me the option to pay for the tour with credit card or directly to a local branch of Bank of America. The form for the credit card payment states "If you use VISA or Master Card not only we do not charge any commission but also we change in US$ so your client do not get effected from the currency exchange rate. When you give us your card number please call your card co or bank and let them know that your card should be open to mail order and let them know that transaction on your card will be made from Turkey." I like the idea of booking with my credit card, but will Visa charge extra fees since it's a foreign transaction? Am I better off paying directly to the bank?

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If your card is subject of foreign transaction fees, you will incur the fee. You would need to check the terms of your credit card. Rates can vary from 0% to 3%.

p.s. I'm sure Melitour will be quite good. The owner (Mehlika Seval) guided my Rick Steves tour of Turkey back in 1991 and she was fabulous. I'd definitely trust her company.

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You should expect whatever fee your card usually charges for foreign transactions. Capital One and credit union cards have a reputation for fewer fees. Foreign merchants charging you in US dollars is not usually a particular advantage to you, it just means that they'll charge the dollar price they quoted, so you don't have to think about or understand the exchange rate.