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Outstanding Tour Guide in Istanbul

I have been to Istanbul many times, but when I bring friends for their first time there, I much prefer to hire a guide. I just returned from Istanbul. Once again hired the same guide. His English is excellent, he is funny, very knowledgeable, and nice! I highly recommend him.

Tour guide is: Metin Koca
Cell phone: + 90 (533) 322 00 85

Get the WhatsApp app on your phone. Everyone in Turkey (and Europe) uses it. You can reach Metin by messaging him on WhatsApp or send him an email. Tell him Michelle recommended him. He is not a friend, nor will I get anything by recommending Metin. I just want others to have a chance to benefit and enjoy his experience and excellent English. Many of the tour guides speak some English, but you get much more out of a tour if the guide speaks superb English.