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No ferry from Kusadasi (Ephesus)to Samos in early May 2018?

I have started my research to set up our end-of-RS-Turkey-tour exit in early May 2018. I have been on several ferry websites and there appears to be no ferry from Kusadasi (Ephesus) to Samos in early May, nor any other month right now. Are the ferries to Samos temporarily suspended, or do they not publish ferry schedules this early? I just need to know if I need to plan on our exit being Izmir instead of Kusadasi. Thanks!

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Yes, I have. I used that site this spring for a Greek island trip with no issues, but even that site says nothing available. Thank you for trying to help!

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I had similar worries few years ago and it was October. I tried to find it on internet. No success. I was also asking guides. Nobody knew. Ultimately I learned the schedule at Kusadasi ferry station. We wanted to go all the way to Santorini and we were told to inquire about that in Samos. Well, for some reason they keep the ferry schedule secret.

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I am signed up for the Oct 15 Turkey tour. I hope you will post your experiences and impressions here when you return from your trip. Also, any tips or ideas that will help other travelers!

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The local Turkey-Greece ferries have never been on the big aggregator web sites, as I recall. But if you Google it separately, you will get the local agents, such as Meander Travel for your route, or for the other coastal crossing points.

Note that Samos town is a.k.a. Vathi and that service onward from that island may sail from other ports.

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Thank you all so much! I was thinking maybe we should skip Patmos because it would take so long to fly from Kusadasi to Athens, back to Samos then ferry to Patmos. Whew! The links look good. I will try to remember to post about my experiences in Turkey. I rarely seem to get back from vacation with energy to post, but I will try because I know how much it means to me when other do it. :)

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Joni, did you ever find any actual ferry schedules from Samos to Patmos? We're planning a trip to Turkey in early May 2018 and I'm also having trouble locating schedules for ferries out of Samos. We want to fly into Samos from Istanbul and then do day trips to Ephesus and Patmos, but cannot find ferry schedules to support what other sites say are possible.


Dear Joni,

My name is Mine Karahan Taner, I'm a Rick Steves Turkey tour guide. Regarding your ferry tickets to Samos, you don't have to worry at all. There are two major ferry lines operating between Kusadasi and Samos (and further to Patmos). First one is Meander Travel which is quite experienced company. The other one is called Barel Travel and they provide services with faster ferries. Both companies are located in downtown Kusadasi. When you are on tour, please share your post-tour plans with your guide, (s)he will help you buy your tickets. Some links below may be helpful. Enjoy your vacation! and



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Hey Joni -- it's Karen and Bill from Scottsdale -- we will be on the May/ June Turkey tour too. Likely we will do ferry to Samos at end of tour and stay a day or so then fly Samos to Athens for our flight back to US. Glad to see links here for Kusadasi ferry options. Karen