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New Airport Opening (fully) in Istanbul

I received this message from Turkish Airlines yesterday:

Dear Esteemed Customer,

The Great Move is beginning! We would like to kindly remind you that as of April 6th, 2019, 14:00, all our flights planned for Ataturk Airport (IST) will be conducted from our new home, Istanbul Airport (IST). Have a nice flight!

For those of you flying soon, please let us know what the new airport is like and what type of transportation you took into the city.

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So have you planned on how to get to Istanbul?
We are set to travel in May and the price quoted to me was 3X more to get to the city.

Looking for good reliable and affordable transport to the city.

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tgreen, I haven't planned that yet. I will let you know what I come up with.

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Curious if you can enlighten me more on this airport matter.

There is a new airport? Is it not within Istanbul?

We are currently in Argentina and will be making our way to Egypt and then Turkey and April.

We haven't planned much for Turkey beyond a loose itinerary so have no info on this airport topic.

Much thanks!

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Thank you for posting information about bus and Taxi’s

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I have learned that the Haveist bus counter is on the second floor of the airport. Nearby are Istanbulkart vending machines. I plan to get one card for my son and I to share. It will cover the bus ride and other public transportation in the city.

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HavaIst rolled out lots of new buses and bus routes to many different parts of Istanbul. You need to go down to the -2 (minus 2) level in the new airport. That is one level below arrivals. There are elevators and escalators to the -2 level. You can purchase an Istanbul Kart to use on the bus and other transit vehicles throughout Istanbul. Supposedly the bus takes credit cards, but all three times I rode the bus the little credit card machine on the bus wasn’t working, The drivers do not accept cash. So, best to purchase an Istanbul Kart at the airport (also on the -2 level).. The HavaIst buses are very nice (think Greyhound buses). The bus fare to the Sultanahmet area is 18 TL per person. The bus fare differs depending on which neighborhood you want to go to (get on the right bus for where you want to go).