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Listening device on RS Tour Bluetooth enabled? Best of Turkey Trip

I am a first time tour member. Is there a required listening device on tours and if so how big is it and do Bluetooth earbuds work with it?

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There is a listening device for those times when a guide is speaking while the group is walking through a site. My experience is that they don’t take Bluetooth directly.

I did read a post on the forum in the last month where a traveler plugged a small device into the VOX that made it Bluetooth compatible. I don’t remember the name of the device, but perhaps someone else does.

Size wise maybe 2 by 3 inches…..

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I can only speak for “Apple” users. We bought Apple Airfly Pro, which you plug into the Tour’s device. My husband and I “shared” his Apple’s wireless earbuds (one ear each). It can work with 2 sets of earbuds but we found the 2nd set to have a greater lag time. Besides, for safety’s sake, better to listen in one ear rather than two. The main benefit of having wireless for me was not having the listening device hanging from my neck.

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The device hanging around my neck is my concern. Since I am part of the Apple ecosystem I’ll look into the airplay device. Thank you.

I was thinking of getting the Airfly Pro device for listening on the airplane.

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"Airfly Pro" is what we bought. I corrected my earlier response. The listening device is wonderful, but like you I do not like having it around my neck. We didn't know the Airfly existed until I saw a tour member with her Apple AirPods. Fortunately we were in a city with an Apple store, so we were able to purchase the Airfly Pro and use it for the rest of our trip.
My husband was going to use it on our flight back, but he forgot to charge it.