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Laundry Option on Best of Turkey

As I am packing for the Best of Turkey, I was wondering what were some good laundry options if any throughout the trip. Any insights would be helpful.

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It’s been a while since we did this tour but as I recall those who wanted laundry done had the opportunity for that in Antalya.

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On my tour the hotel in Capadoccia offered laundry service and air-dried it on the roof. One tour member was amused to see her lacy red underwear wafting in the breeze. We only knew about it because she told us.

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In Kusadasi, our RS guide took us to a laundry a block away from the hotel, which had our clothes ready in 24 hours.

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I just returned yesterday from the Best of Turkey tour. We had two full- service options: at the Upper Greek House in Mustafapaşa (in Cappadocia, with line dry as described by Chani) and in Antalya. Each was 200 Turkish Lira, payable in cash for a generously sized bag of laundry.

The drying line at the Upper Greek House was also available for your own sink washing. It gets windy up there, so I recommend bringing small laundry clips to keep your laundry from fluttering down into the next door ruins.