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Kusasadi - do you have suggestions?

Hi all,

My husband and I will be visiting Kusadasi while in port on a cruise (docked 7am-6pm) - we have previously spent time in Selcuk and have seen the sights surrounding. We are looking forward to a relaxing day in Kusadasi and are wondering what you would suggest doing there. The bazaar is on our short list - is the beach worth seeing? Any there any restaurants we shouldn't miss? Thank you in advance for your suggestions!

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If you google " kusadasi tourism" you'll get lots of information including "30 things to do in Kusadasi"

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When we were in Kusadasi Bush was still president. I don't know if there is anything particular to see there. Just the Mediterranian ambience. Newer around the sea and port and older town farther away from the sea. We just walked around and decided we wanted dinner in some untouristy restaurant so we walked deep into the old town away from hordes of tourists and succeeded. We were the only ones there who were not Turks. Everybody was looking at us curiously. "Where are you from?"
"USA". And immediately one of them said: "We don't like Bush. We like Clinton. Bush likes wars, Clinton likes girls."

We laughed and this moment was why we always will remember Kusadasi.

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The primary reason for the port call in Kusadasi is the ancient Greek/Roman city of Ephesus. If you have not seen it you really should. It has some of the best preserved Roman excavations anywhere in a section called the Terrace Houses. In an effort to keep it "relaxing" I recommend you hire a local private guide (they are not expensive) and get an early start (like 7:30) so as to beat the heat and the mobs of tour busses. Resist the efforts to visit the rug factory and you will be back in the port before noon to check out the markets, etc.

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I ditto the recommendation to see Ephesus (get a guide to take you there and back). It really is a special, very historic place (and a great guide will make it come alive). And as the previous poster recommended, don't miss the Terrace Houses. Check to see if you need to book in advance, if your guide does not take care of tickets in advance for you, as the number of people allowed in the Terrace Houses is somewhat limited.

Since you will be on a cruise ship, likely they will offer a shore excursion to Ephesus, but (I think...don't know for certain), the Terrace Houses may only be offered by certain cruise lines. We were on Silversea (which is a high-end boutique type ship with 200something passengers) and we had to book our shore excursion for the Terrace Houses ahead of time, and I believe it was sold out by time we actually cruised.

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Thanks, Norma, I will be sure to do that! We always like to get personal recommendations if we can.

Thank you, Ilja - we will definitely wonder around and see what we can find.

Ron and Margaret, we have been to Ephesus and found it to be an amazing experience. It really is a special place.

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Heather ,

We visited Ephesus from Kusadasi last March and it was amazing. Our tour was included Ephesus ruins and Terrace houses and fabulous Sirince Village. If you interest history and culture this tour will be fine for you.

Have a nice excursion in Kusadasi.