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Kusadasi to Athens

I welcome thoughts on traveling from Kusadasi, Turkiye to Athens, Greece, in mid May.

1) We'd like to take a ferry from Samos to Athens, but the ferry from Kusadasi ports in Pythagorean, on the other side of the island from where the ferry to Athens departs... with only 2 hours to cross the island and board with no hiccups.

2) Our friends flew Izmir to Istanbul to Athens which made for a long day with delays with both flights. The direct Izmir-Athens flight isn't available for our travel day.

3) The morning ferry to Samos with an evening flight to Athens seems preferable, spending most of the day on Samos instead of airports.

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For choice #1 — You could easily get from Pythagorio to Vathy (the capital & main port) by taxi in less than a half hour. So unless there’s a problem with the ferry from Kusadasi, you’d have no problems. However, you’re then facing a 12-14 hour ferry trip to Athens.

I’d do #3 — spend the day in Pythagorio and catch the evening flight to Athens. It probably won’t cost much more than the ferry and will be much more pleasant. Check a guidebook— lots of things to do there.

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Thank you Charlene.

The Samos flight appears to be the way to go, although cruising the islands to Athens seems attractive.

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The ferry - - starts 1 April 2023 according to their website. It goes to Vlathy/Samos town. Clear customs there and get taxi to Pyhagoria town on the other side of the island. Pre-book accommodations in Pythagoria for 1 -3 nights. Good restaurants with some interesting sights. Small friendly walkable town. Relaxed atmosphere to unwind from RS tour - we loved it. Have host arrange taxi for morning run to nearby airport. Fly to Athens (best option IMHO).