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Kusadasi ferry to Samos for airport - Vathy or Pythagorieo?

At the end of the RS Turkey tour next year (2022-06-25), after breakfast, we plan to take the ferry from Kusadasi to Samos and fly to Athens. Alas, we won't spend time on Samos - we need to get to Athens that same day for our departure next day.

None of the ferry Web sites seem to be operational right now, so I can't check schedules. However, I can see some information:

  • shows only "Samos" as a destination (presumably Vathy port?)
  • shows 2 destination ports - Vathy (town of Samos) and Pythagoreio

Are there actually 2 ferries - one to each port? Different departure times? How often?

If there's a choice, Pythagoreio seems best, since it is closest to the airport?



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Pythagoreio is near the Samos airport. Vathy is on the other side of the island. Ferries go to one port or the other.

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I think we have the same idea, so I'd be keen to benefit from your learning curve. The info about the port is good, but I'm not having luck getting any idea as to where to book and what the schedule of ferries might be; how many per day? what intervals do they sail? And then, recommendation? Best regards,

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In late Oct 2018, we took the Meander ferry from Kusadasi to Vathy port. Cab from there to Pythagoria easy & quick. Cab to airport in early AM easy to arrange - our host did it and said we could have done it at a nearby taxi stand. Two nights there with good food. Lovely small town with friendly people and very few tourists. We were there for their "NO" day parade which was basically by kids and quite entertaining. Several places of interest: the old but in service church & cemetery in town; the monastery up the hill, the town itself, and the fishermen on the wharf. (As a fisherman, I enjoy sharing fish pix, tales & lies with locals). We could have easily spent another night in Pythagoria.