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Kusadasi and Izmir

We will be doing the Turkey Tour in May which ends on May 18 in Kusadasi. We were told not to book any flights out of Izmir that leave before 11:00 am. That leaves us in a bit of a bind because the flight to Dublin goes at 10:40 am and not again until nearly midnight.

I was wondering if we should stay another night in Kusadasi and then take an early cab to Izmir airport in the morning or if we should go into Izmir with the group and spend the day there and then fly out the next morning.
Does anyone have any advice on this topic?

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I recommend that you make the flight that works best for you. If you are willing to take a cab the following day, you can just take a cab on the first day. There are no tour activities on the last day of the tour.

When I was on the tour, I believe they recommended no flights before noon. My flight was at 11:00. I took the bus provided and we made our flight without any trouble.

You can speak with your guide and he/she will be very helpful. The guide will be able to tell you what time the bus will leave Kusadasi and an approximate arrival time at the airport. If they feel that you won't be able to make your flight by taking the provided bus ride, they will assist you in hiring a taxi to take you. No need to wait an extra day.

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Thank you so much for your response. It is very helpful and I feel very comfortable booking our flights now!

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If they arrange a taxi from hotel to Izmir airport at a different time than the usual sat. Morning after breakfast leaving time, is that the 60 euro cost I’ve seen someone post? I would think if its an hr away, a taxi might cost more than that???

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I took this great tour in 2018. I had a flight from Izmir somewhat earlier than was indicated. The guide arranged for the bus to leave a little earlier than planned, and I made my flight easily.

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We stayed an extra night in Kuşadası. The hotel arranged a private driver, which was €60 for up to 4 people to go to Izmir airport.

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I took this tour and while my flight was not until afternoon, there were several people in the group with flights before 11:00, and they all had enough time to take the bus. It was a very quick and efficient drop-off at the airport in Izmir.
Enjoy Turkey, it is an amazing place!

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Why don't you take the tour bus that drops off people at Izmir airport and then spend the night in Izmir. My wife and I took the Turkey tour in May 2022. We had a flight booked through Istanbul to Sofia the next day so we took the tour bus to the airport, then took the metro to the center of Izmir and stayed at a hotel right on the waterfront. The next day, we took the metro back to the airport and we were on our way. We had a wonderful evening in Izmir and were glad we decided to go this route rather then staying another night in Kusadasi and then taking a taxi to the Izmir airport.