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Iznik / Nicea - Hagia Sophia and newly found site of 1st Nicean Council


  1. The Hagia Sophia in Iznik,
    This is believed to be the site of a later Nicean Council, recently had a roof put over its head and was converted to a
    mosque. I had heard that it was still open to visitors outside of time of prayers. There are some weathered very old Christian
    Frescos or Mosaics. I heard about this several months ago and thought it was good that they were out of the weather. But
    now I am hearing that things are being closed or covered up all day long in Istanbul. I wanted to see if anybody had been
    inside the Iznik Hagia Sophia outside of prayer hours recently and if they are covering up that artwork.

  2. Discovery of Underwater Site of 1st Nicean Council
    Apparently the ruins where the 1st Nicean Council was held have been found under shallow clear water in the lake and I've
    heard it mentioned that there are boat rides being offered over the top of it. But I have not been able to find. Has anybody
    done this or know of contact information for someone offering this kind of service?

Thanks again.