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I just signed up for the big RS 2023 13 Day Turkey Tour day tour, my question is that the tour ends close to the city of Izmir is it worth going to and if so what should I consider seeing?

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Although Izmir is Turkey’s third largest city with a population of 3 million, it is an industrial city known for having trade shows and a large shipping port. Izmir is a sprawling place with seemingly endless traffic congestion. Its had several major earthquakes in the 20th century that, sadly, have wiped out most of Izmir’s historic architecture and replaced it with a modern city. Just two years ago, the deadliest earthquake of 2020 killed more than 110 people in Izmir. To me, the city lacks the attractions one might expect of Turkey’s third largest city, and I would choose to spend time in any number of other cities such as Bursa, Selcuk, Antalya or Ayvalik before spending it in Izmir.

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The Gulf of Izmir connects to the Aegean Sea and there is some beautiful scenery on the bay. You can walk along the southern shore of the bay for a great, relaxing stroll. There is a train that picks you up right at the airport and takes you almost anywhere you want to go in Izmir. I visited the Izmir Wildlife Park, which is just north of Izmir. I had to take the train towards the end of the route and then transfer to an Uber to complete the trip to the park. The stop I took was called "Egekent" on the izban train. The train was about 2 USD one-way. It was well worth the visit. When I left the park, I took a taxi all the way to the airport for an evening flight. The taxi was 600 lira because the airport is south of Izmir and the park was north of Izmir. It took about 30-35 minutes to get from the park to the airport.

I was on the same tour that you are taking and the bus drops you off at the Izmir airport at about 9:00am. Depending on your flight time, you may have some time to spend in Izmir and I would recommend either a stroll along the bay or a visit to the wildlife park.

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Karen, I’m also on one of the tours. Mine begins May 6. I have not yet made return to Europe reservations yet - it’s looking like Sun Express into Munich, a nonstop.
I’m anxious to visit a new destination.