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Istanbul to Athens

Is there a way to get from Istanbul to Athens by train or ferry.

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We flew on Turkish Airlines. Although that 14 hour bus route looks interesting, it's all in Greek. And it appears that you might have to change buses.

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I would fly. Buses/ferries will take up a day or most of a day and a night. If you do opt for the bus, there are plenty of places to break up the trip (I took a 19-hour bus ride once in Turkey, it was excruciating even though the hospitality on board was great).

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we are traveling between Istanbul and Athens soon and the flight time is one hour and 30 minutes.
Aegean Airlines/Turkish Airlines have regular flights and the fare is inexpensive/reasonable if you buy
your ticket early.

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Flying is the only practical way. There is no train. Ferries usually require a long (overnight) ride to a "border" island such as Lesbos, Samos, Kos, or Rhodes, then a local connection to the Turkish coast, for which you may have to wait an additional day, but that's still not getting you to Istanbul.