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Istanbul-Ramadan 2020

Just realized that Ramadan begins April 24th 2020. What kind of impact could this have on a tour to Istanbul at that time?

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I was in Turkey for two weeks during Ramadan three years ago. There were plenty of restaurants and cafes open during the day, especially in historic and tourist areas. All museums, mosques, markets, and other historic sites were open. Out of respect for those keeping the daily fast from food and drink, those of us on our small group tour did refrain from drinking from our water bottles in public areas. Once the sun goes down, It is quite a party atmosphere, wherever you are. It's especially wonderful being in downtown Istanbul, near the Hagia Sophia and Blue Mosque, after sundown. Lots of families bring blankets and picnics and gather on the grassy park area between the two. There is a large festive lighted market set up (after dark) in the area, with lots of food, crafts, and much more.... Kids are running around blowing bubbles and playing with lighted toys. It's a really wonderful, happy scene! And if you are at a restaurant, often there is an amazing "Iftar" buffet meal served, with dozens and dozens of delicious dishes. (Iftar is the break-the-fast meal served at sundown.)

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Goodness-I never thought about it that way.Thank you so much!!

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Not all Muslims abide the fast either. Nor do they all stop and pray when the call goes out. It’s all very interesting.

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We were in Istanbul this year during and after Ramadan. The earlier responses are correct. You will not have much impact on your travels, but there will be somethings you may observe. First, during the day many men will not be as polite. They have given up smoking, any drinking and eating until sunset. We actually saw an episode of "hangry" in the grand bazaar. Next, you will want to eat dinner before sunset, as restaurants are fully booked after sunset. Not a problem if you are on a tour and out early. We saw only some shops and restaurants closed, but there are so many others that it is not a problem. Shops do close near Sunset, as they definitely want to eat right away.
You'll see many Muslims from other countries, not only Turks.
The days that end the Ramadan are crazy. It is a long holiday (like Christmas to New Years) where families travel and take holiday. Roads and hotels are packed. Don't fly just after Ramadan.
It was fascinating!

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SMW - Your response exactly why we travel.. to understand other cultures and customs.

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