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Istanbul Laundry

I have researched this online and cannot find any self wash options in Istanbul. It seems laundry options are full service wash/dry and I only like to hang dry my clothes when I travel. Has anyone been able to find a laundry facility that isn't full service or that allows you just to only wash? I usually stay in AirBnB so I have a washer but am planning on staying at the Rast Hotel (Sultanahmet) so I can have a balcony room with wonderful views. I thought about renting a cheap airbnb for one night to just use for the washing machine if I cannot find another option. I am not interested in washing my laundry in a sink, been there /done that and having machine washed clothes is my only travel luxury that I can't seem to part with. I will be in a Santorini hotel prior to Istanbul so I will need to find an option once in Istanbul.

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Not to be harsh, but sometimes travel means compromise. That being said, I know there are a lot of locals on Tripadvisor Istanbul forum. You need locals to answer your question. You may well be able to get wash omly service at a full servi e, and the locals on TripAdvisor may help you with the correct request. Ask them to write itmout so uou can hand them a piece of paper with your request on it so there is no confusion.

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Do you plan to carry a sack of wet clothes from the laundry to your hotel? Are you thinking of asking permission to hang it on the balcony?
Why don't you ask the hotel to wash and line dry the clothes for you. In Istanbul and Anatolia, I gave my clothes to the hotel to wash. You may need to compromise.

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Thanks for the pieces of helpful info! I will search again in this site and google link too. I'll look on Travelocity again too. I must've entered something incorrectly in my prior search. Great idea to write it on paper in local language if I do need to drop off.

Yes, I would carry a bag of wet clothes to my room, hang on hanger or in the bathroom over the tub. I never hang clothes on the balcony even in Airbnb's that have washers. I always bring very lightweight clothes, no socks, only items that dry quickly, I do usually put them in the dryer on low heat to get moisture out. Never had a problem doing so, I've got my method down that works, just need to find a self service laundromat if they exist there. I take a backpack or small suitcase with limited clothes and wash them, that's what I like to do. Probably not most travelers "cup of tea" to go do laundry, but it's mine.

I never discount day to day experiences I encounter in foreign countries or shy away from doing things outside of touristy options. I think I have been to a laundromat & grocery in most countries I've been to.
One of my favorite memories going to Europe is at a laundromat in Paris with my 3 kids when they were young. They met some local kids there and had the best time playing with them. Its a memory that still sticks with them as adults.

Find a busy laundromat and people watch or meet someone new :)

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'Travelocity' I assume is 'TripAdvisor'. Ask the question there, rather than search for it.
I remember the challenge of finding a laundromat in Venice 20 years ago. No chore in Venice seemed easy at the time, but waiting those hours for the laundry to be done was a respite and an excuse to do nothing for a change. I don't think we even had the energy to people watch.

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I'm a fan of using local laundromats, too. But when I do, I dry and fold the clothes and take them back to my lodgings where I hang up anything I don’t want too wrinkled.

I'm not a fan of sink washing, but there have been many situations where that was my only option. I travel light, so clothes washing is a weekly thing, if not more often.

We were in Istanbul for a week. Our Rick Steves tour hotel had a huge bathroom with both a big tub and a shower stall. We'd been in Italy a few days before and both needed laundry done. I did do some hand washing in the sink and hung it over the tub on my travel clothes line like this one that I always take.

But my husband's inability to wear anything but jeans and tees led to the need to have laundry done. Our tour had no time to go to a laundry facility. So we gave all we needed to wash to the hotel. They sent it out, I think to the people who did the hotel's linens. It came back clean, dry, folded and wrapped. The price was very cheap and well worth the cost.

Sometimes, no matter how wedded we are to plan A, plan B or C are the only realistic workable options.

Good luck with finding a practical self-service laundromat and don’t be surprised if the attendant insists on helping or if there are no English instructions.

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I enjoy washing and drying my own clothes in other countries. Great way to meet locals and it allows a "time off".
I also prefer to do my own laundry since I always use cold water to wash and light drying options. Not sure if these instructions would be communicated at hotels and then to the laundries they use.
I had a local laundry wash/dry my clothes in Rome. A friend who spoke fluent Italian asked for cold water wash and light drying settings. Sure enough my clothes shrank so I know hot water was used.

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We've had the opposite problem a couple of times. The people doing our laundry for us spaced out or took a break and didn't keep the dryer going. That meant that when we picked it up, it was damp. We had to take it all back to the room and drape it around to dry.

We started calling that damp laundry "European dry."

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you want it to be a little damp so that things can be ironed...

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I am a frequent traveler to Turkey and have been to Istanbul many times. Almost all apartments have a washing machine in the unit, so there are no public laundry mats. Hopefully you can ask your hotel to wash your clothes and not dry in a machine.