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Istanbul - Gallipoli

Sorry if this question has been asked 2,000 already on this thread.

Any suggestions on tours from Istanbul to Gallipoli? Is it a day trip or an overnighter?

thanks in advance

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I think the Gallipoli is "Gelibolu" in Turkish, though I'm not 100% sure. The distance from Istanbul is about 160 miles, so I'd want to make it an overnight trip.

I Googled "Tours to Gallipoli" and got a lot of hits. Didn't take the time to see whether any were just one-day quick trips.

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Hi Eugene:

I was in Istanbul in 2014. The neighborhood where I was staying had a number of tour companies, and I noticed that some offered a one day trip to Gallipoli and back. I was angry with myself for not having noticed this before - my flight back to the USA was the next day, and I would have loved to trade off one of my Istanbul days for a day trip to that historic site.

Have a good trip.

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The fastest way from Istanbul to Çanakkale is to fly, but that doesn't count airport transfer and check-in time. Combinations of ferry and bus tend to take 6 hours one way, to either Çanakkale or Gelibolu. The mixed types of transport make this route a good one for A bus tour could also be a good option, but check how much time it spends visiting what you want to see.