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Istanbul - dress, skirt shopping

I am heading to Istanbul in two weeks and will arrive a couple of days prior to tour departure. Does anyone know of a good place to buy a travel dress and/or skirt for my Tour in the Sultanamet area?
Is the Grand Bazaar the best shopping?

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The Grand Bazaar is on the pricey side. I have bought a lot of scarves there, but I have never looked for regular clothing. Stores tend to cluster in Istanbul, and it looks like most of the clothing stores are clustered about half a mile west of Beyazit and the Grand Bazaar. I noticed that there is an LC Waikiki, which is sort of a Turkish version of H&M, around Beyazit, just a little west of the Grand Bazaar. I bought a skirt that I have enjoyed at an LC Waikiki while I was stuck in the Istanbul airport in March 2020.

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Honestly? I'd buy it before you go - there is nothing more stressful than HAVING to buy something in a foreign country. The exception would be something very distinctive to that cutlure e.g. a hijab in Turkey, hawaiian shirt in Hawaii

If you want a good travel skirt check out

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In addition to the LC Waikiki recommendation, DeFacto is a great clothing store with reasonable prices. There is a DeFacto location near Beyazit in Istanbul.

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I would go to İstiklal Street myself, but as others have said it makes more sense to buy the dress before you travel...

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It might be more fun to buy it in Istanbul!

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Thanks for the input! I was thinking that a dress or skirt purchased in Istanbul would be a souvenir and that the fabric and style would be compatible with the weather in Turkey. I'm also thinking that a skirt or dress might be easier to manage when we get to the small villages with 'pit' toilets, rather than pants. So I don't NEED it for the trip. I found some very reasonably priced cotton pants & tops in SE Asia when touring there in 2019 and they were more comfortable in the hot & humid weather, than my clothes I brought with me, so just thinking the same might be true in Istanbul. I will certainly check out the places suggested and thank you for your responses!