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Islamic Museum of Calligraphy Art in Istanbul

Does anyone know if the Islamic Museum of Calligraphy Art in Istanbul is still open or has it been permanently closed? When we do a google search, there are no references later than 2017. Google itself says that it is permanently closed. Is it permanently closed, moved to a different site, or still at its old address. If permanently closed, has the collection been moved to an other Istanbul museum?Thanks.

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There was a good amount of calligraphy, in the form of quoran at the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts. It is in the touristic area of Sultanamet and on the Museum Pass.

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The museum Maria F. mentioned is I think the museum you are looking for. It it open... not at all permanently closed. Go and enjoy!

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The museum is still open, and is located directly across from the hippodrome. My wife and I were there in September. It was fascinating.