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Is Cappadocia safe to go to?

My husband and I and our 15 year old daughter will be in Cappadocia from April 5 to April 8th. Do you think is is safe for us to be there?

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If you're asking because it's further south than Ankara and Istanbul, you needn't worry as it's still hundreds of kilometers from the southern border.

Go - it's truly breathtaking there!

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Are you worried about the hot air balloon safety risks? Choose a reputable company (see Lonely Planet book and others).

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Our first Turkey tour of the year is starting in Istanbul today and another one next week. The safety of our tour members and guides is our highest priority. Although these two departures will not visit Ankara, I'm not aware that we have any particular concerns about small-town Cappadocia.

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Hi, greetings from Istanbul,
As a local travel blogger, I would easily say Turkey is safe as much as any European country. Any country can not give to full guarantee, but I can easily say that southeast borders of Turkey(which are close to syrian borders) are risky. However Cappadocia, Ephesus, Pamukkale there was not any incident up to today. As you may be know there was terrorist attacks in Istanbul; two times in 3months. But as I mentioned earlier we never know Ankara, Istanbul, Paris, Brussels...
The aim of terror is frighten the people and take their freedom.
On the other hand except those terror attacks, you can feel quite safe in Istanbul, Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Ephesus, Gallipoli, Troy etc.