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Is a side trip fromIstanbul to Ankara worth it

I have six full days booked in Istanbul. I thought I would like to visit Ankara mainly to see the Archealogical Museum there but also possibly to see Catal Huyuk which I think is doable as a day trip from Ankara. I am trying to decide whether this is worth booking an extra flight and hostel just to do those two things. Thank you for any information.

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I have visited the Archeological Museum in Ankara and I highly recommend it. I don’t know about the other site however.

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6 full days in Istanbul sounds like a lot until you start listing all the great places to visit there. Google maps show a 3.5 hour drive from Ankara to Catal Huyuk. Fly to Ankara from Istanbul, then train to Konya, then fly from Konya back to Istanbul, all in 2 days? And cut your sightseeing in Istanbul to only 4 days?