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Internet connection in Turkey

Hi, I am traveling to Turkey for a couple of weeks. I will need internet connection there to stay updated with my blog and to upload pictures of my journeys. Any suggestions on where I can get a affordable data plan for my journey?

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Hotels in Turkey generally have wifi. If you want to have data while out and about, you should look into what your carrier offers in terms of international plans. Depending on the cost of that and how long you'll be in Turkey, it could be more economical to get a pay-as-you-go SIM card. I think they probably have those at the airport (they do in most places; I've never specifically noticed one way or the other in Turkey).

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Was there in 2012 and had no problem with internet. All hotels had good high speed wifi even in outlying areas. This was 6 years ago can only have improved.

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I am in Istanbul now and can say that virtually every restaurant no matter how small has had WiFi. Speed may be an issue at some. The two hotels had WiFi.

If you want a WiFi hotspot for 4g they may have them but I am not sure as I did not ask about that when I got my SIM card. But the 4G is good.

I got my SIM card from Turkcell.