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Hotel at/near IST Airport


We are flying from Izmir to Istanbul at the end of our tour. We have a 700am flight out of Istanbul the next morning. We arrive from Izmir in Istanbul around 4pm, and are looking for the most convenient hotel near IST. I have seen the Yotel at the airport but am not quite clear about the requirements for each side and checking luggage.

Anyone who has been there recently (2021/22) who has any suggestions for a hotel, it is much appreciated!
All my searches yielded years old info.

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Sorry, my travels were not recent. We did this in Oct., 2019. We booked the Airside Yotel, so we could have extra time to sleep before our 07:30 flight out. Our only hassle was collecting our luggage and convincing Lufthansa Air employees to check it in for the next day flight. I think they had a 3 hour before the flight rule. DW is good at looking forlorn and having them be flexible. Otherwise, you could stay in the Outside Yotel if you have to check luggage.
The Airside rooms were small. The bed and the table/desk folded down, but you couldn't do both at the same time. The IST airport didn't have much fast food selection. Most were greasy chicken choices. My DW bought food from the souvenir stores. There were restaurants which we didn't try.

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We also used the Yotel option , land side, and were very pleased. Restaurant “connected” to hotel was good and were were able to sit and people-watch in the terminal. The airport is so far out of Istanbul, and I don’t recall any other hotels in general area. I thought price was reasonable esp. considering the convenience it offered early morning travelers.

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A few times I had a 14 hour connection in IST. I stayed at the airside Yotel. Worked great. Got into IST late afternoon, have a good meal and a good night's rest, then arrived in BUD early the next morning ready to enjoy.

And the hotel is both interesting and a unique cultural experience. But very clean and comfortable.