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Hot Air Balloon Cappadocia prices

Good day, My husband and I (age 30) are planning a trip to Greece next year in June for 2 weeks and want to visit Turkey as well for another week. I started to do some research on the hot air balloon ride prices and its quite expensive at €300 pp ...

Is this the going rate? We just want to do the 1 hour excursion with transfers included from and to hotel.

Is there any companies that offer cheaper prices or does it all depend on the time of year?

Any recommended companies which I can contact?

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We paid $200 pp for our hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia October 2018. Butterfly Balloons is the name of the company we used.

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We are doing it in 2020 and I feel like as a once in a lifetime experience it would be worth it. Most people have said it is about $200.

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I budgeted $200 when I was there in 2015, but our tour guide negotiated a somewhat better rate because of the number of people who wanted to go. I don't recall exactly what I wound up paying.

We used Royal Balloons, and I was happy with the experience. They picked us up at the hotel, provided breakfast before the flight and champagne after the flight. Most importantly, the pilots were very skilled and I felt safe throughout the flight. I imagine that other companies are also good.

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We did our hot air balloon tour last year in July. It was our honeymoon trip.

We booked many tours through our hotel, and as the hotel said, the prices would be cheaper rather than going to an agency.

For a basket of maximum 20 the price per one was €110 pp.

Our pilot was a woman. It was a magical ride on sunrise and after the flight we had a little celebration on the spot. We received certificates, they treat us with cookies and we had some nice champagne.

The agency was Atmosfer Balloons.

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Hot air balloon ride was about $200 in April 2019. It was a once in a lifetime experience!! Hot air balloon rides in Albuquerque, NM USA are around $400-$500 I have been told.