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High spreed train Istanbul to Ankara

Has the high-speed train between Istanbul and Ankara finally been completed the whole way?

Ankara-Eskisehir has been running for a few years now.
As far as I know, Eskisehir-Istanbul is doing the test runs this month/started limited service with passengers.
I am planning a similar trip in July. I plan to take the train to Eskisehir, spend the night there so I have some time to discover the city and then take a bus into Istanbul.
(I like taking buses in Turkey and personally, I would rather wait for the fast train to do more runs between Eskisehir & Istanbul before I get on it. Perhaps next year.. )

I did some research for both of us checking the local news in Turkish and found out that the start date has been delayed and the new expected start date for the Istanbul-Eskisehir fast train is May 29th.The news article said that initially, it was intended to start service by March (I assume right before the local elections!) but later on It was decided that the fast train needed more test runs before carrying passengers to meet the international safety code for testing fast trains.

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Thanks for the replies. I guess I will be waiting for the next trip in order to go the whole distance.